Aluminum Decks

Aluminum decking is ideal because it won't rot, rust, warp, splinter, crack, or check. It is extremely weather-, fire-, mold- and slip-resistant, and wood boring bugs have no interest in it. Aluminum decking has a powder-coated finish which lasts virtually forever and it will never peel or blister. It is significantly both lighter and stronger than traditional wood or composite decking, but can still be cut with traditional carbide tipped saw blades.

Many aluminum planks have interlocking edges, allowing for watertight, gap-free, decks, which are particularly useful for second-story decks as they provide complete shelter for the space below.

Aluminum also dissipates heat extremely well, keeping it cool in our sweltering Hamilton area summers, maintains its strength and flexibility in extremely cold weather, and is completely recyclable, making it a sound environmental option. Aluminum’s main drawback is the price, which makes it our most expensive option for decks, however in situations where it’s many benefits are required options, it can definitely be worth the investment.

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